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Bride and Groom

Line Bride

Kaustella Kialain

(D/o Mrs. Yah & Dr. David Kialain)

Hello, my name is KauStella a combination of Kau (1st girl child of the Mano tribe) and Stella (Latin meaning constellation of stars). I can describe my personality in one word “Chutzpah”. Never mistake my cool, calm and collective mannerism for weakness because I have the confidence and passion to take action to make positive improvements in all aspects of my life. This attitude has made me an achiever. I value hard work and sincerity and I stay 100% focused on accomplishing my personnel and professional goals.

I am an Engineer blessed to be serving as the Asst. Minister for Operation at the Ministry of Public Works where I work assiduously to keep our nations road network accessible. Some may say I'm a workaholic, but the truth is I love my job!

I am a kind- hearted simple person that loves to spend my free time with family, taking walks on the beach, watching movies, reading and travelling to new places.

My Mantra: There is always room for improvements

Line Groom

James W. Sarsih Jr.

(S/o Mrs. Irene & Mr. James W. Sarsih Sr.)

Hi, I'm James, I'm 5'-7” cool going , simple, and God-fearing guy. I`m also a family orientated person who is understanding, trustworthy and tenderhearted.

I'm a criminal justice practitioner by profession and presently an Aviation Security Coordinator at the Liberia Airport Authority.

I treasure solitude and prefer to have few friends in my circle. I like to balance professional & family life.

During my free time I listen to music, watch movies , exercise and read.

My Motto: pay attention to detail

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We are inviting you on


14 February 2022

At S.T. Nagbe United Methodist Church, 13th & 14th Street Sinkor, Monrovia - Liberia

Time: 2:30 PM Prompt

The countdown to love, laughter, and happily ever after


until we get married!

Kaustella & James

Our true love story

Bride's Version

How we met

That day changed Life

We first met on Cesar's beach when I was attending a year end party with my female engineering colleagues. Read More

Honestly, I did not pay him any attention then and had my mind preoccupied with other things. Little did I know, I had captivated his attention and he was observing my physic and interaction with my friends from afar.

Fast forward I received a call from a strange number about a week or so later and it turned out to be James. He asked me to find a time for us to go for a drink and being the busy person that I am I told him “ I'll find time in my schedule and let you know”.

That took some time though….but when I finally decided to let him into my personal space, I knew I had found my soul mate.

From the day that we met to our first kiss till today his love remains unwavering and I could not ask God for more... Read Less

Groom's Version

How we met

My Best Moment Ever

I first met KauStella at Cesar's beach during her organization's year end gathering. Read More

She was beautifully dressed in a pink beach wear with a pink beach sunhat on her head. I couldn't just take my eyes off her. I got her number few days after and placed a call to check up on her, and she was like how did you get my number?

Our second interaction was at her office, where I went to ask her out for a drink during her less busy time, but that did not workout.

Getting to know her as Stella was easy but getting to know her as my personal person was difficult. I discovered we had a lot in common. Before we even knew it, we were texting and calling each other every day. Little did She know, that it was my way of expressing my fondness of her.

From the first date till now, she has proven to me that virtuous women can still be found. Read Less

Bride's Version

The Promise Ring

That was so wonderful

After dating for over a year, James made his intentions to marry me on February 14, 2021. Read More

I was on board with the idea, but I did not want a long engagement. As would all loving and well-mannered men, James still wanted to give me a token of his love.

So, on July 10, 2021, he surprised me and asked me to wear a promise ring as a symbol of his commitment to a lifetime of love and companionship.

His creativity blew my mind and from the moment he made my finger glow I knew he was never going to let me go.

I can't wait for the final proposal. Stay tuned to our journey to forever and lets all see what happens. Read Less

Groom's Version

The Promise Ring

Feeling Awesome

I first proposed to Kaustella on February 14, 2021, and she agreed but with a caveat. Read More

She wanted everything to be done simultaneously (from my proposal to dowry payment and wedding).

The mere thought of not being able to show the world my genuine love for her was driving me crazy. After she threw me a traditional birthday party fit for a Chief.

I had to reciprocate my appreciation and my affection. I saw a beautiful ring that she had admired once and told her to wear it as a symbol of my commitment until I would get down on one knee and propose.

I plan to sweep her off her feet with an incredible proposal any day now. Read Less


Now We're Together

We're praying for the best

We love with a love that is more than love...

Ceremony & party



Main Ceremony

2:30 pm

S.T. Nagbe United Methodist Church, 13th & 14th Street Sinkor, Monrovia - Liberia

The wedding activities have been strategically planned to take place with in Sinkor. The church and the Reception hall are just 10 minutes drive away from each other.

However, The date of the program will commensurate with the Bicentennial cultural festivities and honoring dinner.

Wedding Reception

5:00 pm

The Monrovia City Hall Ballroom, 2nd Street Sinkor, Monrovia - Liberia

Please make effort to adjust your travelling time to avoid being held up in traffic.
We won't want you to miss the event!!!
Any additional information will accompany the invitation.


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Our wedding activities are by invitation only to enable you to have a comfortable experience witnessing the beginning of our journey to forever.


While we expect you to shower us with gifts
Your presence is the biggest gift of all!!!

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